Unknown x Escolar Barrel
Unknown x Escolar Barrel
Unknown x 5Ayoyo

Unknown x Escolar Barrel

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The Unknown x Escolar is a solid, one-piece counterweight, great for any level player. 3D printed using PLA filament.

All profits from the sale of these will be sent directly to the family of Paul Escolar. Paul would probably be pissed about the color of these, but I'll tell you the same thing I would tell him: it's pretty close, and everyone just wants a little something to remind them of you, Paul. 

27mm x 24.5mm

10 grams, +/- .3 grams

Unknown Barrels are designed by Chris Deemie and produced by 5Ayoyo.com. 3D printing is not a perfect process, and some visual irregularities might be present.